Privacy policy

“Cookies” are small files that are used as identifiers. The Operator, as the administrator of the Service, sends cookies via the website and saves them on the User’s hard disk. Cookies are protected from being read by third parties using the standard security features of your web browser. The operator uses two types of cookies:

  1. short term (“session-cookies”), stored on the user’s device remain there until the end of the browser’s session, and then, they are then permanently deleted from the device’s memory;
  2. long-term (persistent) cookies, stored on the user’s device, remain there until they are deleted.

The purposes of the use of “cookies” are:

  1. Correct configuration of the Service consisting in adjusting the content of the web pages of the Service to the User’s preferences, recognizing his device and its location, saving selected settings;
  2. Authentication of the User on the Service and provision of session;
  3. Ensuring full functionality of websites;
  4. Analysis and research as well as audience audit and provision of advertising services;
  5. Ensuring safety and reliability of the Service.

The Operator shall not use cookies without the User’s consent. Your consent may be obtained at any time by accepting this Privacy Policy or by setting up your browser (using the appropriate settings configuration). Acceptance of cookies is not necessary for the use of the Website, however, if you do not accept cookies, some part of the functionality will not work properly.

The user may remove cookies at any time using available functions of his webstie browser. The use of cookies by the Operator does not damage the User’s computer or cause any configuration changes in the User’s telecommunications device and software installed on this device.